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The Bleepin Truth:  Real People, Real Discussions, Real Debate.

The Bleepin Truth is driven and guided by Passion.  Passion for the truth. We invite people that bring  strong viewpoints to the table. People with conviction and courage to let it all out on LIVE TV.

Due to its controversial viewpoints and High standards of Integrity the show had been thrown off the air for one season.

The Producers filed proceedings reversing the decision by management and returned to producing even BOLDER shows.

The Bleepin Truth stands out against the landscape of cookie cutter TV shows that have watered down DEBATE!  The Bleepin Truth has ignited passion in Real People on today's issues.

The staff of The Bleepin Truth feels only when you have heard both sides of an issue can you start to formulate an opinion!!! Our unique format encourages people to present their opinions and points of view with no meddling from the staff or producers. In our quest for the truth we have been archived in the Library of Congress four times, Featured on every Media outlet in the Country, and most recently Awarded with a Best Of the Bay for Best in Politics from Creative Loafing. Not Bad, For a Show that is under 2 years Old. See for yourself ..  Enter Here!


Did Redner Catch JP in A Lie?   Yes!  or  NO!

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Did Redner Catch JP in A Lie?   Yes!  or  NO!

What's your BEEF?
Where all of Tampa Bay is aloud to sound
off on Anything ON THEIR MINDS!!!!!!!

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Bay News 9 (Water Boarding)

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When: April 1st  2008

A complete discussion of Race Relations in America today will be continued in the studio LIVE with An All Star Panel only the Bleepin Truth can put together.

TBO: William March Article  Click Here

Watch and vote for the best Water boarding Clip Click Here!

 Oscar winner Jon Voight gives Chris Krimitsos
His perspective on Rudy Giuliani in Florida

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Viva LA Revolution The Bleepin Truth is back Better Stronger than ever!!!

Reporter: Alex Pickett from Creative Loafing
Gets Water Boarded
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