Gender wage gap deemed unfair

Business school graduates don’t make it fair for women as men earn more than them for whatever reason. There is no reason to make this conclusion and it even reaches the professionals like lawyers and scientists. Lawyers have bigger wage gaps than scientists and it is not as if the guys are working harder than the girls. They work just as hard if not harder but that would depend on the person and not their type of gender. For some reason, women earn 79 porn discounts┬ácents for every dollar a man makes which is not fair at all because the gap becomes large when we are talking thousands of dollars since professionals earn lots of money.


I guess this is why some ladies would prefer to stay at home and let their husbands do all the work. The wage gap is simply not fair and it starts small for women who just graduated then it becomes bigger when they are in their 20s and 30s. It is going to be rough for them to swallow. In another surprising twist of turns, the age gap suddenly decreases when a woman enters her 40s and 50s.

However, according to, women will feel used to just lying down on the sofa all day while their husband does all the work sweating it out either in a business or an 830 am to 530 pm job. It is not a pretty sight to see but it happens in most families. What’s surprising is it is the guys who volunteer and have their girls stay home and take care of the kids while they take care of all of their income. It would be hard to imagine anybody volunteering for that type of task but somebody has to do it and who better than the man of the house himself? If the guy is not educated though then it could be the girl but that is not historically right since women are the weaker gender after all. It does not mean that they could not work a full-time job and own a mighty business though.


Studies show that companies that have a large wage gap also give harsh penalties to those who defy the rules of the company. For example, if some girls decide to take a leave from work for a year then you can be sure they are going to get penalized for it. If you think their salary is low compared to men then wait until you get a load of the amount they will get penalized for when they decide to take a break from their work. It is not fair, especially for single mothers who have a lot of tasks at home. They also take care of their kids when they are sick and help them with their discount homework. Who knows how they get to rest? The truth can never be more painful but there is a bright side as men who chose to switch to a part-time job would see their salary decrease by a lot more than women. Some theories suggest that women have a large wage gap because they don’t argue with their managers in terms of salary.

This could be a big mistake down the road because it is all about money in this world. There is a big wage gap between women who have kids and those who don’t. If this is the case then women don’t need to admit they have kids since their companies won’t find out anyway unless they decide to go to their house and find out for themselves. Pharmacists are not that affected though as most of them are women. Most of them are now running their own business so it would be great if they are not working for somebody else anymore so they won’t be affected by the large wage gap.

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